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Dear Sir/Madam,


UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service: digital promotion of superdads campaign in Internet


This Request for Quotation is open to all legally constituted companies that can provide the requested services and have legal capacity to perform in Ukraine, or through an authorized representative.


  1. About UNFPA


                UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is an international development agency that works to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.  


                UNFPA is the lead UN agency that expands the possibilities for women and young people to lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives. To read more about UNFPA, please go to: UNFPA about us.


Terms of Reference (ToR)



Stereotypical gender roles are deeply engrained in Ukrainian society. In 2016, Ukraine ranked 69th on the Global Gender Gap Index (with a score of 0.7), with gender wage gap of 25 per cent (2015). Much has been done recently, including with the support of  UNFPA:

- combating gender stereotypes through media campaigns;

- training course for public servants on gender-sensitive approaches to public administration;

- improving the national gender machinery, including for reporting on international conventions.

In 2015 UNFPA jointly with Ministry of social policy of Ukraine launched the “4 Hands Happiness” project to provide information to young people (with focus on men) about equal rights and equal division of housework. Joint time and participatory involvement into educational process with children is one of the main issues of the behavior change campaign.


Statement of Purpose

UNFPA Ukraine is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified suppliers with a track record of success in digital marketing and producing digital communication solutions. We are looking for suppliers which can collaborate with us in identifying, adapting and extending emergent technologies to increase coverage, impact, engagement and interactivity of our digital communications products and campaigns. We are seeking to enter into short-term agreements with suppliers that are committed to delivering services to UNFPA on an ongoing basis. Selected service provider will work under the direction of the UNFPA Communication and Advocacy Officer and in close collaboration with the UNFPA communication and programme team.

Scope of work


The selected service provider will be expected to develop a media plan for educational materials. These are 26 videos «Super Dad Can» elaborated by UNFPA within its social project “4 Hands Happiness “  aimed at promotion of responsible fatherhood and equal distribution of household chores in the family. The concept of video is a dialogue between a father-celebrity/a father and an expert on a specific topic. Videos duration varies  from 5 to 10 minutes. UNFPA have banners and teaser of 15 sec videos for each topic.


Dialogue participants and topics discussed:


Dmytro Stuzhuk and Artem Chapay

1. Advices for fathers on paternity leave


Sergiy Tsybulskiy and Yuriy Kryvonis

1. First aid for children – general

2. First aid for children with a break in breathing and blood circulation

3. First aid for children in case of suffocation

4. First aid for children with cramps


Taras Topolya and Yulia Yarmolenko

1. Sex education - general

2. Intimate hygiene of kids and peculiarities of physiological development of girls and boys

3. Culture of consent and means of protection

4. Underwear rules for kids to prevent sexual violence


Bohdan Butko and Iryna Lesnaya

 1. Psychological aspects of fatherhood

2. A father’s role in upbringing

3. Kids. Gadgets. Food

4. Family planning and kids choice of hobbies

5. Relations in the family


Artur Logay and Olena Mukhina

1. Family planning and partner delivery

2. I am gonna to be a dad! What to do?

3. Dad’s checklist.

4. Man’s role after delivery

5. Sex during pregnancy.

6. Preparation to delivery.


Andriy Shabanov and Kateryna Goltsberg

1. How to guide a kid to find the path?

2. Kid’s right to choose proffession

3. No stereotypes.

4. Partnership in the family

5. Dads role.

6. Crisis in relations


Target Audience

Men (mainly fathers and men planning a family) ages 22-35.

Special focus attentions on men in rural areas.



All regions of Ukraine with the exception of NGC areas and AR of Crimea.


Aim of the campaign:

Increase of “4 Hands Happiness” project’s recognition as well as number of clicks and views of videos.



  1. Providing of media plan with selected formats and instruments for video promotion and with actual number of covered target audience.
  2. Reporting on banner advertising with definition of  the target audience coverage. The method of placing banners and typology of websites for placing with 200K of clicks (total for all banners) with direct transmission to the full video on UNFPA Youtube channel should be proposed.
  3. Reporting on advertising of videos on Youtube as suggested video (right column) and/or pre/mid-rolls for people, who are marked as target audience and previously watched videos on the following topics:
  • Childhood and fatherhood;
  • The ways to behave with children;
  • The ways to talk to children about sex;
  • First aid for a child.

General requirement is that people from the general demographic selection (target audience) should be interested in topic of fathering. KPI for this deliverable is fixed on the level of 50K of views of each of 26 videos on the UNFPA Youtube channel.

  1. Providing of promo on the relevant for the target audience social media.  KPI for this activity is fixed on the level of 1.5 million views for all 26 videos from “4 Hands Happiness” project official page or other pages depended on social media presence of UNFPA or its projects.
  2. Final report should be provided within 5 working days after the end of campaign.

The content of the report should include the following indicators, but not limited to them:

  • Covered target audience;
  • General total reach for all videos on all channels;
  • Reach for each video on all channels as well as reach of each video on each channel;
  • Statistics on what channel was the most appropriate and effective;
  • Statistics on what type of promotion was more relevant;
  • Recommendations for the next promotion activities.


Time frames for the campaign


Timeframe for the campaign should be proposed by bidder based on the effectiveness and the best solution to reach the target audience. It is estimated that activities must start in April 2019 and will be finished before June 20, 2019.


Intellectual Property

All information pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, visual, digital, cyber, project documents, etc.) belonging to UNFPA, which the Contractor may come into contact with in the performance of the duties under this assignment shall remain the property of UNFPA with the exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of UNFPA in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable.



Requirements and qualifications:


The offeror should:

  • be a resident entity of or have legal representation in Ukraine with respective official registration;
  • work in the area of media buying, public communications, marketing for at least 2 years;
  • demonstrate ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure;
  • be fluent in Ukrainian or Russian, and English


Previous experience of collaboration with a UN agency is an asset.


The main purpose of media plan is

  1. To cover target audience as accurately as possible. “Shotgun tactics” needs to be highlighted in the final report as well as in media plan.
  2. To justify and describe in detail time schedules, channels and expectations on coverage of target audience.
  3. To provide justifiable cost assessment of the campaign.


Proposal evaluation


The detailed evaluation of the quotations will consist of expertise evaluation and financial evaluation.


  1. Questions

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to the contact person below:


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Alona Zubchenko

Tel Nº:

+380 96 506 55 88

Email address of contact person:


  1. Content of quotations

Quotations should be submitted in a single e-mail whenever possible, depending on file size. Quotations must contain:

  1. Technical proposal:
  • Media plan with suggested channels and budgets for reaching KPIs per each or those types of support the company can provide;
  • Short narrative (in Ukrainian or English) as for proposed channels and time schedule;
  • Information about the legal entity and company’s portfolio focused on the other social campaigns

( if any).

The Technical Bid must be submitted by electronic method of transmission at the email address indicated in the section IV.

  1. Price quotation with proposed budgets should be submitted strictly in accordance with the price quotation form. Price offers should be provided without VAT, since UNFPA is exempt from VAT transactions.
  2. Language of the proposal – English or Ukrainian.
  3. Separate Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal should be signed by the bidding company’s relevant authority and to be submitted in pdf format ;


  1. Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section IV and III, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, are to be sent by e-mail to the contact person indicated below no later than: Tuesday, 25 April, 2019 at 12:00 Kyiv[1]. Proposals sent to any other address will not be considered.


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Olena Hliebova

Email address of contact person:


Please note the following guidelines for electronic submissions:

  • The following reference must be included in the email subject line: RFQ Nº UNFPA/UKR/RFQ/19/04. Proposals that do not contain the correct email subject line may be overlooked by the procurement officer and therefore not considered.
  • The total e-mail size may not exceed 20 MB (including e-mail body, encoded attachments and headers). Where the technical details are in large electronic files, it is recommended that these be sent separately before the deadline.  


  1. Overview of Evaluation Process

The evaluation will be carried out in a two-step process by an ad-hoc evaluation panel. Technical proposals will be evaluated and scored first, prior to the evaluation and scoring of price quotations.


Technical Evaluation (100 points max)

Technical proposals will be evaluated based on their responsiveness to the service requirements /TORs listed in Section I and in accordance with the evaluation criteria below.



[A] Maximum Points


Points attained by Bidder


Weight (%)

[B] x [C] = [D]

Total Points

Corresponding of proposed media plan  to the defined target audience





The completeness of the offer according to required content of Technical proposal ( Section III)





Experience in managing similar media campaigns





Qualification and availability of specialists for the execution of a given volume of work





Experience of collaboration with a UN agency





Grand Total All Criteria







The following scoring scale will be used to ensure objective evaluation:


Degree to which the Terms of Reference requirements are met based on evidence included in the Bid submitted


out of 100

Significantly exceeds the requirements

90 – 100

Exceeds the requirements

80 – 89

Meets the requirements

70 – 79

Does not meet the requirements or no information provided to assess compliance with the requirements



Only those technical proposals achieving the score of 60 points and above will be considered as qualifying for evaluation of the financial proposal.


Financial Evaluation  (100 points max)


Financial proposals should follow the results-based budgeting approach. They will be assessed based on their clarity, completeness, level of detail and appropriateness. The maximum number of points shall be scored to the lowest price proposal among all technically qualifying applications. Other financial proposals will receive scores according to the following formula:


Financial score =

Lowest quote ($)

X 100 (Maximum score)

Quote being scored ($)

Total score

The total score of each application will represent the weighted sum of its technical and financial scores as follows:


Total score =70% Technical score + 30% Financial score


  1. Award Criteria

UNFPA shall award a Purchase Order/Contract with duration until 31 December, 2019 to the lowest-priced technically acceptable offer.


  1. Right to Vary Requirements at Time of Award

UNFPA reserves the right at the time of award of contract to increase or decrease by up to 20% the volume of services specified in this RFQ without any change in unit prices or other terms and conditions.


  1. Payment Terms

The payment will be done in accordance with the above deliverables acceptance of the Contractor's invoice and complete set of supporting documentation.


The payment will be done in currency: Ukrainian Hryvnias. In case of two currencies involved, the United Nations Operational Rate of Exchange should be used on the day UNFPA instructs that payment(s) (web:



  1. Fraud and Corruption

UNFPA is committed to preventing, identifying, and addressing all acts of fraud against UNFPA, as well as against third parties involved in UNFPA activities. UNFPA’s policy regarding fraud and corruption is available here: Fraud Policy. Submission of a proposal implies that the Bidder is aware of this policy.


Suppliers, their subsidiaries, agents, intermediaries and principals must cooperate with the UNFPA Office of Audit and Investigations Services as well as with any other oversight entity authorized by the Executive Director and with the UNFPA Ethics Advisor as and when required.  Such cooperation shall include, but not be limited to, the following: access to all employees, representatives agents and assignees of the vendor; as well as production of all documents requested, including financial records.  Failure to fully cooperate with investigations will be considered sufficient grounds to allow UNFPA to repudiate and terminate the Agreement, and to debar and remove the supplier from UNFPA's list of registered suppliers.


A confidential Anti-Fraud Hotline is available to any Bidder to report suspicious fraudulent activities at UNFPA Investigation Hotline.


  1. Zero Tolerance

UNFPA has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on gifts and hospitality. Suppliers are therefore requested not to send gifts or offer hospitality to UNFPA personnel. Further details on this policy are available here: Zero Tolerance Policy.


  1. RFQ Protest

Bidder(s) perceiving that they have been unjustly treated in connection with the solicitation or award of a contract may submit a complaint directly to the Chief, Procurement Services Branch at


Bidder(s) perceiving that they have been unjustly or unfairly treated in connection with a solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract may submit a complaint to the UNFPA Head of Country Office Caspar Peek at E-mail: Should the supplier be unsatisfied with the reply provided by the UNFPA Head of the Business Unit, the supplier may contact the Chief, Procurement Services Branch at


  1. Disclaimer

Should any of the links in this RFQ document be unavailable or inaccessible for any reason, bidders can contact the Procurement Officer in charge of the procurement to request for them to share a PDF version of such document(s). English version of request for quotations prevails.