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13 May 2020

Involving dads in raising children: a review of the world's best campaigns

Involving dads in family responsibilities is a very important topic, especially during the quarantine. The pandemic and the change in everyday life have proved to be challenging for many families to cope with. It is even harder for families with children. The necessity to combine work, household chores, and the organization of

30 April 2020

#MyCareerChoice. How was the online-marathon for the Girls in ICT day

The marathon for the Girls in ICT took part on 23 of April. This was an online-marathon with inspiring, strong, and successful women on what one should do to get a dream job, which prejudice have the heroines experienced at the beginning of their career journeys - and many other topics. What the speakers were talking about and

28 April 2020

New UNFPA projections predict calamitous impact on women’s health as COVID-19 pandemic continues

More than 47 million women could lose access to contraception, leading to 7 million unintended pregnancies in the coming months. New York, USA, 27 April 2020 - As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the number of women unable to access family planning, facing unintended pregnancies, gender-based violence and other harmful practices


May 2020 Regular news update on UNFPA Ukraine programme aimed at counteraction and...
Anuual report on 2019 by UNFPA in Ukraine

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