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14 September 2018

How to become a super-dad? Tips and recommendations of a psychologist

Every dad dreams that his children are proud of him and following his example, isn't it true? Iryna Lisova, rehabilitation and psychological support specialist, helped us to understand how one can achieve this and become a super-dad for their kids.     Why are boys reluctant to play a family?   A kindergarten once held an

26 July 2018

Mobile team specialists master the skills of working with ATO veterans and their families to prevent gender-based violence cases

On July 25, 2018, a specialized three-day training for specialists of mobile teams and Centers of Social Services for Children, Family and Youth of Kyiv and Lviv Oblast started capacity building of psychologists and social workers to provide psychosocial support to ATO veterans and members of their families, including

11 July 2018

Balloons, disinfectant, brandy used in attempts to prevent pregnancy

UNITED NATIONS, New York – Fifty years ago, world leaders recognized family planning as a human right. Yet safe and reliable forms of contraception remain out of reach for hundreds of millions of people. UNFPA has collected dozens of examples of the ineffective – and even harmful – strategies people resort to while trying to

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