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Photo of Mr. Jaime Nadal

Mr. Jaime Nadal

UNFPA Representative in Ukraine, Country Director for Belarus Started his collaboration with UNFPA in 1996, joining the organization in 1999 as Programme Officer in the Latin American and Caribbean Division at Headquarters, which included detailed assignments in Guatemala and Haiti.

In 2004, took up the position of Deputy Director for the English and Dutch Speaking Caribbean, Jamaica where he was responsible for coordinating the delivery of UNFPA programme activities in 15 countries and 7 non-independent territories. He assumed the position of UNFPA Representative to Bolivia (2009), Egypt (2013) and Brazil (2015), leading the respective UNFPA teams through periods of significant political change and working as part of the UNCTs to advance the Agenda 2030 and the SDGs. Prior to working for UNFPA, was a consultant to local public institutions in the context of a number of European Union regional development initiatives.

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