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UNFPA Ukraine and Citrus launch a partnership to empower and improve the well-being of young people in Ukrainian cities

UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine and the Citrus have teamed up to promote youth empowerment and engagement in the decision making process through Youth Well-Being Index Platforms in Ukrainian cities. 

Youth Well-Being Index is an online tool developed by UNFPA Ukraine to assist municipalities in improving youth policy and youth development projects. It aims to encourage young people to be more active and involved in decision-making at the local level.

The initiative has been implemented in Ukraine since 2019 and already 9 municipalities have joined it.

“Youth participation in decision-making at the city level will assist the city in improving its development programmes. Cities will become more inclusive and youth friendly, promoting young peoples’ engagement and fostering them to stay and raise their lives in their hometowns. The Youth Well-Being Index is a tool that sets the stage for that to happen, since it enables the city to directly ask young people which areas of life they are satisfied with and which need improvement, and calls for finding solutions not just for youth, but with the youngsters themselves  ” said Jaime Nadal, UNFPA Representative in Ukraine.

Citrus joined the initiative in 2020 as a local partner in Odesa, and from 2021 plans to support young people in all cities seeking to become more youth-friendly.

"Youth is the future of our country. Citrus, as a national company that is particularly passionate about supporting initiatives for the development of young people, could not pass by. Every girl and boy deserves to work at a favorite job, learn something new and interesting, live and benefit from the brightest impressions. But for this it is not necessary to look for yourself in the capital and so on. The plans for 2021 are not only Odessa, but also the development of young people across the country. Together with the UN, we want to help young people find themselves in their hometown. "- Dmitry Demidov, SMO" Citrus ".

Citrus will provide discounts on goods sold through online and offline stores to young people who have fully passed the survey in different cities of Ukraine.