Procurement of goods (equipment for 42 police mobile groups POLINA specialized in GBV/DV response)

22 February 2019

Title : Procurement of goods (equipment for 42 police mobile groups POLINA specialized in GBV/DV response)

Office :


Deadline :

22-Feb-19, 17:00

Posted on :

01-Feb-19. 11: 20

Development Area :

GOODS / equipment for 42 police mobile groups POLINA specialized in GBV/DV response


Heading :


Procurement Process :

ITB – Invitation to Bid

Reference Number :



UNFPA hereby announce an invitation to bid  for the following goods procurement: equipment for 42 police mobile groups (POLINA) specialized in GBV/DV response.

Bidding shall be conducted through ONE envelope. The technical bid containing the technical specifications and the financial bid containing price information shall be submitted together.

The bid shall reach UNFPA’s reception or the email inbox of no later than 22 February, 2019 by 17:00 pm Kyiv time. Bids received at this mailbox are kept undisclosed and shall not be opened before the scheduled opening date. Sending to any other email address will violate confidentiality and invalidate the bid.  

Bids shall be prepared in accordance with ITB Section II: Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications and shall include the requested documentation as per Instructions to Bidders Clause 7, and in accordance with the Price Schedule Form in Section V, 5 of the bid forms.

Electronic submission:

Bidders shall make clear reference to the specific bid in the subject field as instructed, otherwise bids may be rejected. Clearly specify the following text in the subject line:

ITB No. UNFPA/UKR/ITB/19/01, Bidder’s Name. E-mail submission shall not exceed 20 MB, including the size of the cover email.

Hard copies Submission:

When submitting bids in hard copies the bidder shall prepare one set of sealed bids containing the technical and price components. The outer envelope must be signed/sealed and clearly marked with the following:


42-44 Shovkovychna street

Kyiv 01004 ,Ukraine

Invitation to Bid No. UNFPA/UKR/ITB/19/01

Attention: Iryna Bohun


For more information, please, download the ITB attached below.