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Mothers and their children who are currently being treated in the pathology department for neonatals and premature babies of Zaporizhia Regional Clinical children's hospital and people who stay in a shelter and day center with crisis rooms for those who suffered from violence in Poltava, received from the UNFPA humanitarian kits with essential hygiene items. The delivery was done within the Springboard for Equality project, funded by the government of Sweden.


 At this hospital are being treated women with children who have a critical health conditions and urgently need support with a necessary basic items.

Among them are mothers with many children, mothers of children with disabilities, as well as those who suffered of hostilities in Mariupol and in settlements in Zaporizhia region.  Most women in Poltava shelter fled Kharkiv.


 In total, 160 women and mothers, as well as 50 children aged 4 to 10 years received a humanitarian aid.


 “Assistance from the United Nations Population Fund came just on time, as we are treating newborns, as well as children and mothers from Mariupol and Zaporizhia region.  - says Julia Tokareva, head of the Department of Neonatal and Premature Pathology.  - Every day the number of migrants who come to Zaporizhya is increasing, so we feel it significantly in our Department's activity".


Delivery is being done by the charity fund "Smile UA" within the project TatoHub Zaporizhia, in cooperation with Zaporizhia City Council and the TatoHub Poltava team in Poltava city.