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The network of youth spaces TVORY! and UN Population Fund have released a video for the International Youth Day and introduced a new term - "revamped youth".

Now Ukrainian young people feel as if their best years are being taken away as well as the possibility to develop themselves and live life to the fullest. Everyone realises what they pay such a price for. Nevertheless, each of them has that feeling of lost or skipped youth.

Actually despite the drastic change of life, obscurity, all the emotions, fears and difficulties, we have become more mature, gained plenty of new knowledge and skills. In 5 months we have got sevelar years older. We feel that our youth isn’t lost but revamped by the current conditions. We have accepted the challenges and decisively overcome them - share the youth workers of the netwok TVORY!

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, who know that nothing will change if they stand aside. Changes come only when youth takes actions. In the UN Population Fund we work to ensure rights and choices for everyone and create conditions in which every young person can realize their full potential, - Jaime Nadal, UNFPA Representative in Ukraine.

“boosted youth” - two words that describe Ukrainian young people who after 24 February have no need to mention any additional skills in their CV since they have already revamped themselves a lot. This is about how fast one can react to circumstances, find the right solutions and learn irrespective the age. This is about growing day by day while living in war.

This year Ukraine is celebrating the International Youth Day  with the whole world for the first time. Every year there is defined the leading theme, in 2022 this is -  Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a world for all ages. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the world must make the most of the potential of all generations. We have to work together to promote successful and equitable intergenerational relationships and partnerships so that "no one is left behind."

Прокачана молодість