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Prior to the military invasion of Ukraine, we actively developed the TatoHab network. With the support of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, 5 new TatoHubs were planned to be launched in the region in March. Together we planned educational, informational and other activities for the development of responsible fatherhood in communities. But the war completely ruined those plans. 

The network of TatoHubs continues to work in many cities and towns, not staying away from the tragic events in Ukraine. We want to tell you about the humanitarian work TatoHub, which is based in Kramatorsk and continues its work 24/7 in extremely difficult conditions.

From the very beginning of the fighting, a joint humanitarian coordination center "Everything will be fine" was established with its own Facebook page, hotline, online needs gathering, active volunteer teams, and numerous partners.

Currently, the humanitarian association "Everything will be fine" works in three directions:

· Provides humanitarian assistance to the population, including food, medicine, and hygiene products for children and adults.

· Organizes bus evacuation to transport civilians from the most dangerous cities, and villages, including specialized evacuation of the seriously ill and people with disabilities.

· Volunteers provide informational assistance and coordinate large-scale rail transport to safer cities.

Since the beginning of the escalation, volunteers have provided 500,000 informational consultations and conducted more than 8,000 psychological consultations offline and online.

With the support of RPP, more than 1,000 hygiene kits for women and girls were distributed.

This is not a complete list of the work of these extraordinary people who, in times of crisis, do their best and risk their lives to save millions.

We are glad to have such brave partners with big hearts at Fishing Club of Ukraine, NGO TatoHub.

The activities of the TatoHub are implemented within the framework of the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Program with the support of the European Union.