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13 July 2022 - The Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance at USAID (BHA) has generously contributed US$ 12,442,720 in support of life-saving gender-based violence (GBV) services and for strengthening the capacities of national healthcare service providers in sexual reproductive health. The grant will support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine and Civil Society Organizations, including Women’s-led Organizations across the country.

On 24 February, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, leading to the displacement of more than 7 million people, mostly women and girls. The systemic bombardment of cities, towns, hospitals, shelters, schools, and malls is terrorizing civilians and causing appalling human suffering. Women and girls caught in the hostilities face heightened risks of gender-based violence and abuse, including conflict-related sexual violence and rape, while those fleeing for safety are also taking on new risks and dangers to their safety. 

With health facilities damaged or destroyed, and national protection systems and mechanisms compromised, ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of women and girls is a must.

USAID will fund the work of 60 mobile teams providing psychosocial counselling to the most vulnerable across Ukraine and gender-based violence facilities in 30 locations, in addition to an online national platform to support survivors of violence through GBV case management.

With USAID support, UNFPA will provide cash assistance to safeguard the wellbeing, dignity, and resilience of pregnant and lactating women, and survivors of GBV. 

Twenty communities will also be able to design and implement community-based programmes aimed at preventing GBV and increasing the impact of the work of the mobile teams. 

Women will additionally have access to career hubs to support and develop their economic independence, which will contribute to GBV prevention and mitigation. 

Furthermore, the partnership with USAID will provide training for the national healthcare service providers, with a focus on the clinical management of rape and integrated reproductive health and gender-based violence services.

Commenting on the grant, UNFPA Representative to Ukraine, Jaime Nadal, said: “The support by USAID is timely and responds to critical funding gaps. The burden of this war is mostly felt by women and girls who consequently became among the most vulnerable. Many are carrying scars that will require specialised assistance. The contribution will go towards ensuring that national capacities to provide quality life-saving assistance to women and girls across Ukraine are strengthened, following a survivor-centred approach that respects and upholds the needs and dignity of survivors”