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UNFPA Honorary Ambassador Maria Efrosinina visited the shelter in Vinnytsya

We visited Vinnytsya city together with the UNFPA Honorary Ambassador Maria Efrosinina. In this city, we work together with our partners to eliminate domestic violence: mobile teams of social and psychological assistance are operating in the city, the shelter for survivors of violence is built, specialists are trained.

Maria visited the shelter capable of accommodating 30 persons. It is a safe and comfortable place for women to obtain accommodation and specialized assistance of psychologists, social workers and lawyers.

Thereafter we organized the inspiration day, where girls and women affected by violence talked to Maria about themselves, their lives and dreams, love and self-confidence, and the motivation to live free of violence. Psychologist Olha Lypko presented her exercises to help women stay calm and be stronger! A photographer Lera Polska, specializing on work with women, conducted an active workshop, where girls suppressed their shyness before the camera and learned to appreciate themselves, both in life and in the art photography. The most daring ones even took part in small photo sessions.

We thank our partners from the Vinnytsya Regional State Administration and NGO "Source of Hope" for the support and assistance in organizing the visit!