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UNFPA and L`Oreal released the second season of the Beauty for Everyone School

Participants of the second season of the Beauty for Everyone educational project of the UN Population Fund and L'Oréal have completed the training!

Graduates of the free hairdressing art course are equipped with necessary skills and inspired to start the career in the beauty industry. For 6 months, the girls had been mastering a new profession, they became more confident and discovered the new facets of their talents.

Учасниці другого сезону проекту "Краса для всіх"

The Beauty for Everyone project focuses on women who have been affected by domestic violence. In many cases, it's economic dependence on a man which prevents a woman from "breaking the cycle of violence". The new profession allows these women to earn a stable income, bolsters their confidence and inspires them to change their lives for the better. The fact that 95% of participants enrolled in the program six months ago completed their studies is especially gratifying.

We wish success to our graduates and thank our partners at L'Oréal for this initiative.

️ Let us remind that the selection for the 3-rd season of the Beauty for Everyone project is continuing. The training will start as soon as in summer.
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