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As part of the WE ACT: Women Empowerment Action Programme, implemented by UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund and funded by the European Union, famous sportswomen, members of the Ukrainian Olympic team joined their efforts with women diplomats to overcome existing barriers and obstacles which women and girls face on their way to leadership in sports and diplomacy.

UNFPA, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, held a two-day hackathon, where sportswomen and diplomats worked in pairs and, using the design thinking methodology developed nine projects aimed at increasing visibility of women's achievements in sports and diplomacy, learning new skills and combating gender stereotypes. An essential part of each project was the gender aspect - ensuring equal opportunities for women and men and fostering equal conditions for professional development during and after their careers.

As a result of the hackathon, five projects received financial support and will be implemented soon. We can't wait to tell more about the projects and their authors!