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31 October the world`s population has reached 7 billion people. On the occasion of 7 Billion Day the United Nations called on governments to take necessary measures to ensure decent living conditions for the world population.

 As the UN Secretary-General stated earlier this year on the World Population Day, “We have enough food for everyone, yet nearly a billion go hungry. We have the means to eradicate many diseases, yet they continue to spread. We have the gift of a rich natural environment, yet it remains subjected to daily assault and exploitation. All people of conscience dream of peace, yet too much of the world is in conflict and steeped in armaments.”

In Ukraine, the highlight of the celebrations was an awarding ceremony of a national multimedia contest to draw public attention to the population and development interlinkages.

Participants of the contest submitted photos and videos under four categories: "Your Choice", "Green World", "Our Living Heritage", "Census." The submissions had to reflect on issues of sustainable development, environment and inter generational relationships. The fourth category - "Census" was dedicated to the forthcoming national population and housing census of Ukraine.

The award winners are:

Yuri Sukholotyuk in the category "Your Choice"

Media Group of the "KROK" university in the category "Green World"

Zoya Burhonska in the category "Our Living Heritage"

Oleksiy Karasiov in the category "Census"

Winner of the Grand Prix is Igor Lymar, author of the video "You`re special. Make sure that you are taken into account" dedicated to the population census.

"UNFPA focuses on youth, and we are pleased that all our winners – represent the young generation. Young people are in the best position to convey the main UNFPA messages for their peers, "- said Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan, UNFPA Representative in Ukraine and Country Director for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The submissions for the "Census" category were also marked by the Deputy Chair of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, Ms. Natalia Vlasenko. "We expect to be working together with the authors of these videos to include them into our census public information campaign" - said Ms. Vlasenko.

While speaking to the media, Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan also answered questions from the mass media concerning the name of the "7 billionth baby".

"The birth of a 7 billionth baby is a symbolic event that should draw the attention of governments to demographic and social challenges and the related issues of sustainable development. Therefore, the UN encourages governments to chose their symbolic 7 billionth baby in every single country"- stated Ms. Ehsan.

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