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"The idea of ​​the #TURBOta programme probably lived in us since February 24, because all of us helped those around us, or hoped and believed that someone would take care of us," says #TURBOta programme coordinator Darya Markovych.

"This programme is built on the "peer-to-peer" principles because our team is also young people and also knows what it is like to leave your city under fire. So we just thought about what we lacked when we were in danger or when we got to places where we felt more or less protected.

Until recently, it was difficult to imagine that in today's world you can face the fact that in one day any information from the outside world, about the state of events, about the news of Ukraine, and even about the weather, will disappear. But that's how it happened. Therefore, the first thing that my team and I wanted to take care of was the most complete and high-quality informational support for young people about existing services, assistance, housing, and restoration of documents... And of course - about volunteering, activism, supporting each other, and everything that comes first can save lives and resources.

It is important today to understand what is happening around you, but it is even more important to understand what is happening to you. The body's reactions to stress can be unpredictable. Therefore, the support and counseling of a psychologist is the second most important component of the programme. Mental health care is the foundation on which we build our lives, so psychological first aid is just as important as pre-medical first aid.

Darya and the entire team of the #TURBOta programme have been helping, advising, and looking for information and opportunities for young people for more than two months. Requests are processed individually, there are no templates and scenarios, and a purely individual approach to each and everyone because no two people are the same.

Psychological support, consultations on youth work, volunteering and activism, entrepreneurship, and employment — all can be obtained by young people regardless of whether they stayed in their community, moved within Ukraine, or went abroad. Together, specialists have already conducted almost a hundred consultations for young people.

Up to 90% of participants stay in touch and share their achievements

The youth programme #TURBOta is implemented by the NGO "Women's Council of Donetsk oblast", an implementing partner of the UNFPA, within the framework of the UNRPP with the financial support of the European Union.