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Another approbation training course for experts working with vulnerable adolescents in career-level and vocational educational institutions of the Zaporizhia region under the new Life-Skills programme has finally been completed.


The programme aims to help vulnerable adolescents and young people become adults who will bring harmony, stability and a commitment to cooperation to the world around them. Adults who will have social competencies and will be able to make a positive contribution to our lives together with others.


Therapists and social educators who participated in the workshop in Zaporizhia allowed everyone to see and develop the capabilities of the new programme with their proactive attitude, expertise, emotional sensitivity, sincerity, commitment and creativity.


They plan to justify and approve the training programme in accordance with the new state standards of education and, of course, prepare a team of professional Life-Skills trainers to work with young people for their confident future as early as the beginning of 2022.

Participants on their experiences:

“I was excited to learn about everyone’s quirks and features, to participate in group tasks. Little by little, people are opening up, which is great!”

“The training raises important issues and points that need to be addressed with vulnerable adolescents such as personal qualities, future career choice, social relationships.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to walk in a teenager’s shoes, to better understand their needs and possible responses to life situations. Thank you for the emotions we experienced when working with the whole team.”