Survey: 24% of female and male office workers have experienced domestic violence that has a negative impact on their professional life in 78% of cases

10 December 2019

An International Business Forum on Contemporary Corporate Practices for Gender Equality and Response to Domestic Violence, held in Kyiv, presented the national survey on the state of gender equality and response to domestic violence in the private sector of Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian business Guiding Principles “How large, medium-sized and small business in Ukraine benefit from the policy of gender equality and prevention of domestic violence”.

According to the study conducted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) together with the expert organization Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development, supported by the United Kingdom Government, the following key indicators were identified:

  • 77% of the respondents agreed that in Ukraine there is a division into "male" and "female" professions
  • 8% said they had faced offensive gender-based jokes
  • 44% said that if a child is sick, it is the mother who stays with her/him at home
  • 24% of female and male office workers (in 80% of cases they are women) have experienced domestic violence; according to them, 41% of female and male employees have observed signs of domestic violence in their colleagues
  • 78% of the respondents said that domestic violence had had a negative impact on their professional development in one third of the cases, domestic violence continues in the workplace (intrusive phone calls, visits or harassment)


“Every 4th female and male employee in the company has experience of domestic violence and in one third of the cases, violence continues in the workplace through phone calls and harassment. It means that by ignoring the problem, the employer loses energy and involvement of employees. Today, 12 companies and 2 business communities have declared their willingness to systematically implement family-friendly practices and prevent gender-based violence, which is the beginning of important processes,” said Pavlo Zamostian, Assistant Representative of UNFPA office in Ukraine. 

“Gender inequality and domestic violence are hidden issues for business. Companies are not yet aware of them because they had no information on the subject before. Therefore, the signing of the Declaration is the first step. The next step is an approbation of the Ukrainian Model 4B presented today: how a company can solve the problem of gender inequality and domestic violence, namely: Recognizing, Responding, Establishing Effective Partnerships and Measuring”, says Maryna Saprykina, Нead of CSR Ukraine, CSR Development Center expert organization.

Study data and Guiding Principles for companies are available at:

In order to address the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace and to combat domestic violence, UNFPA and the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development initiated the signing of the first Declaration for companies in Ukraine.

Fourteen Ukrainian and international companies have already signed these commitments, including: NNEGC Energoatom, IT-Integrator, Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lviv Business School (LvBS), METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, Avon Ukraine, EY in Ukraine, L'Oreal Ukraine, Nestlé in Ukraine and Moldova, Starlight Media, Teva Ukraine LLC, PJSC Metlife in Ukraine, Corteva Agroscience Ukraine, Reikartz Hotel Group.


“Gender equality, diversity and inclusivity are an important part of Nestle culture. By implementing sustainable development goals and creating shared values, we work every day to ensure that all our employees have equal opportunities. Last week, the company implemented a global paternity policy to support colleagues around the world. The policy is inclusive and gender-neutral. In addition, this paternity policy enhances employment protection, non-discrimination, health care, breastfeeding support and availability of flexible working hours”, says Volodymyr Spivak, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Nestle in Ukraine and Moldova.

“For Energoatom, the largest electricity producer in Ukraine and one of the largest employers in the energy sector, the signing of this declaration is another important step towards the development and improvement of existing company practices and procedures, aimed at preventing any discrimination in the workplace, creating the right conditions for guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities for both female and male workers, providing flexible working conditions for parents of both sexes and ensuring equal opportunities for promotion and development of personal and professional skills. I hope that close work with the signatory companies will allow Energoatom to share its experience and implement the best tools and practices to overcome any gender discrimination”, confirms Danylo Lavrenov, Deputy Head of Communications, Head of Communications Department of NNEGC Energoatom.

The forum also presented a practical guide for companies’ HR departments, where professionals can find all the information they need to help a company effectively implement gender-based approaches, develop policies for employees with domestic responsibilities and respond to domestic violence.

The study “Gender Equality and Response to Domestic Violence in the Private Sector in Ukraine: Call for Action” was conducted by UMG company.