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The ‘ENJi — Light and shadow — visual content studio’ initiative will promote the employment and economic independence of female victims of domestic violence. The opening was facilitated by the UNFPA Ukraine Programme on Preventing and Combating Domestic and Gender-Based Violence with the support of the UK Government.

The purpose of the Project is to involve female victims of domestic violence or women that may be exposed to violence in business activities, and to give them a tool for self-realization and achieving financial independence.

“When a woman ends up in the Crisis Center, she makes a choice not to return to the perpetrator after undergoing rehabilitation. And she needs support in finding employment, in gaining knowledge on how to start a life from scratch. That’s why, when establishing the social enterprise, we specially envisaged the conducting of training courses”, explained Natalia Kravets, Project Coordinator of the visual content studio and the head of the NGO ‘League of Socially Responsible Women’.

The visual content studio “ENJi — Light and shadow” combines a range of different photo and video services. Everyone will be able to order photo- and video-shooting (including using a quadcopter) there or rent a studio for individual and group photo shoots. Photo and video services were chosen because of the significant increase in the role of social media in the modern world and ample opportunities to continue own development in these areas. 


“Businesses should participate in the life of the city. Unfortunately, there is a problem of domestic violence. And businesses can’t stay aside and should assist to address it using their practices and experience”, the co-founder of the studio Roman Vashchenko who joined the implementation of the social enterprise commented on establishment of the initiative.

20 women that were in a shelter for victims of domestic violence or were registered with a Day Center were selected to participate in the Project together with a career consultant from the United Nations Population Fund. A series of trainings in starting and running own business, as well as production of photos and videos were conducted for them. Female Programme participants not only acquired practical skills, but also learned how to analyze the market, look for new customers and develop own business. In fact, they have been given a practical tool allowing them to be economically independent and more self-confident. The first female participants of the initiative were those in the Kherson shelter for victims of domestic violence. 5 female training participants will continue their work in the studio.

“If a person has some creative talents and wants to continue living an independent life, after taking a course in entrepreneurship, he/she will have a vision of where to start, how to implement his/her ideas, having own business”, said Natalia Kravets.

Part of the profits of the “ENJi — Light and shadow” will continue to be allocated to support women in difficult life circumstances, in particular those at the Kherson City Crisis Center. To date, the studio has already begun negotiating with small and medium businesses that will use its services. Later, it is planned to add another area — development and promotion of content for social media.

Such initiatives are important because they offer women the opportunity to provide for themselves and their children and not depend on their perpetrators or any other persons. Their financial independence becomes the basis for building trust in themselves and their ability to live as full, independent and realized individuals.

The Project is implemented with the support of the UK Government under the UNFPA Ukraine Programme on Preventing and Combating Domestic and Gender-Based Violence with the assistance of the implementing partner ICF Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health. The Kherson City Council, the Department of Social Policy, the Kherson City Center for Family, Children and Youth, the Kherson City Fund for Entrepreneurship Support, the Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence of the Kherson City Center for Family, Children and Youth also assist in implementing the initiative locally.