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Maria is one of the women involved. She and her daughter have been suffering from psychological abuse by their former husband and father for many years. The woman has to cope with a difficult life situation and, as if it isn't bad enough, recently has lost her job. Facing large financial challenges, the woman used to work as a janitor for a meagre salary that never sufficed. The woman lost faith in people and did not believe that anyone could help her wholeheartedly and for no special reason, so she suggested a hidden agenda in everything because she repeatedly got her fingers burned when meeting evil people. At one of the consultations, the woman said she wished to find 200 UAH on the street: “Do you know how nice it is to find money on the street? I dream so much of finding 200 UAH on the street to buy something for my daughter. In order to buy an expensive phone she had to work in the summer and earn money herself, while I can't give her that."

After the mobile team had received donations from AVON, the psychologist, while sorting all the things and shoes, immediately got thinking about this client. As the woman received the box of gifts, she felt as if she would burst into tears because she and her daughter got clothes, shoes, and accessories chosen specially for them, on the top of that Maria got a bag she was missing very much. The woman could not believe her good fortune because last week during the consultation, the psychologist told her that human thoughts could materialize objects and should be voiced for the universe to hear, but the woman then just laughed through tears and shared her dream. Now, with all these things in her hands, she realized what the psychologist meant.

"I would never have been able to buy such beautiful and expensive things, I could not even dream of them; I badly needed new shoes and was struggling to save money for them. I am very grateful to you, I wish you saw how happy my daughter was, saw both of us crying with happiness."

And though she may not have found 200 UAH she was dreaming of, yet she received much more instead and now she is more optimistic about the future as her faith has restored.

Let us remind you that in December 2019 UNFPA received 77,000 items of goods as charitable assistance from AVON. They are clothes, shoes and accessories worth more than $ 416,000. Those things were handed over to women in shelters, day-care centers and via psychosocial support mobile teams with the support of the implementation partner, the ICF "Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health".