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Mural "He loves me, he loves me not" opened in Lysychansk


On December 9, the ceremony of opening the mural "He loves me, he loves me not" created by artist Oleksandr Korban within the framework of the information campaign Break the Circle was held in Lysychansk.

Mayor Serhiy Shylin and his deputy Igor Ganshin, Deputy Head of the Department of Social Protection of the Population within the Luhansk Regional State Administration Olena Garkovets, staff of local government authorities and municipal services, the United Nations Population Fund, youth and public representatives participated in the event. Mayor Serhiy Shylin noted his pleasant impressions of the mural, which will now become a point of interest of the city.

Mr. Serhiy Shylin emphasized the importance of the artistic idea of the drawing: “We all know that adult actions depend on the upbringing and family environment. Domestic or street violence is unacceptable. This mural makes one think about one's actions, show tolerance, find understanding with others and treat one another with good intentions."

A girl named Pauline is depicted in the mural. She learned the counting rhyme from other children or from her parents from early childhood: "He loves me, he loves me not, he spits, he kisses me, he presses me to his heart, he sends me to hell, he sincerely loves me, he mocks, he waits to meet me, he scoffs." Pauline is 11 years old, but the child's play taught her that in the future, a loved one can not only love but he can mock and scoff. And this is just an ordinary and understandable expression of love.

One in four Ukrainians justifies violence against women and girls. The mural is intended to remind people living in the city that the education of the future generation based on the accepted "folk wisdom" should be waived in the modern world. Only then will the justification of violence against women and girls cease to exist in society.

Lysychansk was selected as one of the cities implementing the Murals Project within the framework of UNFPA's “Break the Circle” information campaign, supported by the United Kingdom Government. The creation of mural is timed to the international campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence”.