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Embrace Yourself is a basic psychological technique used by shelter specialists to help women who have experienced domestic violence. A simple action such as embracing yourself helps you feel safe. On the other hand, the "embrace yourself" message means “love yourself”, which is extremely important for realizing one's worth and importance. A woman who has experienced domestic violence very often feels overwhelmed and unworthy of a better life, and by using this message, we want to say that every woman deserves a happy life without violence.

The wall drawing was created by Oleksandr Korban, a famous Ukrainian muralist. He has to his credit several individual and dozens of group exhibitions, as well as more than 40 large-scale murals worldwide.

During the opening ceremony, First Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Krylenko stated that any conflict should be resolved through dialogue and the use of force is unacceptable. The Chief inspector for special assignments of Preventive Activity Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in Mykolayiv region Oleksandr Kozlovets said that domestic violence remains one of the most prevalent forms of human rights violation.

In fact, in Mykolayiv region, the police documents more than 8 facts of domestic violence every day and a quarter of them occur in the city of Mykolayiv. It is therefore very important to draw attention to this problem. To draw attention in order to break the circle of violence, - said Oleksandr Kozlovets.

Mykolayiv was selected as one of the cities implementing the Murals Project within UNFPA's Break the Circle information campaign conducted by the United Nations Population Fund with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom. The creation of the mural is timed to the worldwide campaign 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.