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UNFPA delivered RH kits for provision of obstetrics-gynecology care to Luhansk
27 RH kits for provision of obstetrics-gynecology care delivered to Luhansk Perinatal Center.
The universal UNFPA medical kits include surgical instruments, suture materials, consumables and most necessary medicines: analgesics, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hemostatic drugs and infusion solutions.
The content of RH kits will cover: 210 caesarean sections and other obstetric surgical interventions, resuscitate mothers and babies; post-rape treatment and post-exposure  prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV infection and STIs for 150 adults and 30 children; treatment for 2500 STI cases based on symptomatic approach; 360 cases of complications arising from miscarriage (spontaneousabortion) and from unsafe induced abortion, including sepsis, incomplete evacuation and bleeding; saturation of cervical and high vaginal tears for 180 woman.
As part of humanitarian aid UNFPA in Ukraine also delivered 576 thousand condoms for distribution among the most vulnerable groups of population.

UNFPA has recently delivered 116 complex RH kits for provision of obstetrics-gynecology care, 2.5 mln. condoms and 40 thousand pregnancy tests were delivered to Ukraine by UNFPA Ukraine for further distribution to maternity hospitals, youth friendly clinics and charitable organizations in the regions most affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

UNFPA is actively contributing to the UN response to the humanitarian situation. The Fund has allocated significant amounts of financial aid for the needs of internally displaced persons. Over 24,500 individual dignity kits, 370 reproductive health kits, 38,000 gynecological kits and 8,600 packages with warm cloth were distributed in the regions with the highest numbers of IDPs.

Since 2015 UNFPA together with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and other partners implements a large-scale humanitarian project "Strengthening humanitarian response to the need of most vulnerable women and female adolescents affected by armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine through multi-sectorial prevention and response to GBV and access to SRH services" in five eastern regions the most affected by the conflict.