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How to prepare for the crossing of checkpoints? Where to look for an internal resource for leadership? How to become a private entrepreneur during the war? How to be a volunteer? Where to find free online foreign language courses? How to restore documents proving disability status? Where to get humanitarian aid?

Today, millions of boys and girls face unexpected challenges every day and have to solve complex problems quickly. This is the case when it is important to feel that you are not alone with the problems. To support young people, Women’s League of Donetsk oblast, a non-governmental organization, has launched the #TURBOta program, which is implemented in the framework of the UN Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme with the financial support of the European Union. Through this program, young people can get help, advice, verified information, and useful, sometimes life-saving advice.

Every day, the #TURBOta team receives new requests from young people. Each request is processed individually by a specialist who then provides advice.


If necessary, the #TURBOta team involves other specialists.

“Now our youth are in danger or far from home, they are confused and do not know what to do next. Our dream is to help everyone, and we try to do everything we can to support those who need it. The best part of our job is to receive short messages from the participants: “I have received assistance. Thank you!" "We are already in Zaporizhzhia, we arrived calmly", "Now I understand everything, thank you for helping to understand!". It's most inspiring! ” - Daria Markovych, the program coordinator, shared her feelings.

During the month of the program, specialists processed 33 individual cases. 80% of young people who sought help needed a psychologist, 71% - the help of a youth specialist, 86.7% - information on leadership and volunteering, 53.3% - advice on employment. Statistics says a lot about what young people have to face.

Youth between the ages of 14 and 35 can receive support under the #TURBOta program, no matter where they are now. If you look at where the participants who have already asked for help come from, it turns out that 90% are in Ukraine. Others abroad - in Germany, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, and more. Part - in the temporarily occupied territory.



"The #TURBOta program appeared very timely, I think. Now there are many young people who find themselves in a difficult situation due to hostilities. Some have even been left homeless… That is why such programs are now very necessary and relevant. Any help, information, psychological advice, or just counseling will be helpful now. It is very great that professionals pay attention to each participant individually. I hope that similar programs for young people, including IDPs, will continue, "said Alina Kozytska, an activist from Mariupol who received consultations under the program.

“As soon as I had an opportunity to communicate with others, I started looking for information on how to leave occupied territories to Ukraine. There was a lot of information, but I didn't know who to trust. But between the messages "How are you, where are you" I saw a letter from the team of the Women's League of Donetsk oblast. I knew them earlier and trusted them. I was even accompanied by them during the recovery of the lost ID. I don't know how much I would wander myself… "- wrote another participant of the program, who asked to hide his name.

The program continues to work. Every day, new members apply to #TURBOta, with new, often very difficult and unexpected challenges posed by the war.