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UNFPA office in Ukraine together with UN Women Program in Ukraine held a training workshop for the government officials in Kyiv supported by the European Commission on “Gender analysis, gender component integration into the socioeconomic development programs and gender budgeting”.

The training workshop was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, experts of the National Academy of Public Administration under the auspices of the President of Ukraine.

The two-day event was aimed at facilitating the integrated gender approach implementation into the process of legislation, public policy measures and programs development at the national and local levels, to make it an integral part of the policy effectiveness’ monitoring and assessment in all spheres of Ukrainian social life.

During the theory and practice sessions facilitated by the famous trainers Larysa Magdiuk and Tetiana Ivanina, the participants had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with notions and information sources for gender analysis, gender sensitive indicators of gender equality and social justice; to analyze the prospects and challenges of the gender component integration in Ukraine due to the large array of socioeconomic, psychological, physiological and cultural features of our society.

The government officials also received information on the best international gender budgeting practices using the experience of France, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden, as well as learned about the gender focused budgeting research of one of the Ukrainian local budget – the one of Poltava region.