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Gender Theme Group Meeting chaired by UNFPA Representative for Ukraine discussed joint efforts aimed at promoting gender equality in our country

 UN System in Ukraine and United Nations Population Fund actively support promotion of gender equality in different spheres of Ukrainian society.

Currently, gender issues pertain to the competence of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, a number of UN agencies in the country and NGOs, whose representatives participated in the Gender Theme Group Meeting chaired by UNFPA Representative Ms. Nuzhat Ehsan.

The participants agreed that the coordination of efforts, the common approaches and the efficient use of the existing experience is gradually becoming more important in their activities. Representatives of international organizations, government agencies and civil society organizations discussed the events planned till the end of the year, as well as productive mechanisms for joint actions that can be carried out in the upcoming years.

Development of coordinated measures targeting gender inequalities is particularly relevant now due to the recent adoption of the State Program for Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men in 2016. The document plans for the establishment of the equality standards for women and men based on best European practices, for actions to increase the public awareness of this issue and to ensure further progress in this area.

The meeting participants specifically addressed the issues of gender inequality in labor and employment sphere, related to the gender pay gap, and stressed on the need for action plan to facilitate the young mothers’ reintegration into employment sphere after maternity leave, to create opportunities for parents with young children to get retraining and be able work from home.

While discussing the issues of domestic violence measures, UNFPA Representative expressed concern regarding the absence of a national referral system that was supported by other speakers, who agreed that this area requires multisectoral approach and commitment from the law enforcement, social service and the health system providers of our country.

The next Gender Theme Group meeting will take place in November.