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The Future Skills Camp": innovative learning in Kremenchuk

Kremenchuk district, Potoky settlement, August 22, 2018 - CSR Development Center, United Nations Population Fund and Kremenchuk Municipal Council trained teenagers under a unique program "The Future Skills Camp" held at Zorianyy Children's Recreation Camp.

The program was aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development and socialization of adolescents through socio-psychological training and projects implementation. 30 children aged 14-17 took part in the program, which was implemented during August 1-21, 2018.

Teens have mastered the TOP-10 skills of the future through a project-based approach: participants developed and implemented their own projects within the framework of the camp; learned to have insight into themselves, to work in a team and to implement joint projects. The program consisted of training sessions, workshops and the implementation of their own projects involving mentors from the Youth Parliament of Kremenchuk.

UN Ambassador to the United Nations Population Fund Maria Efrosinina advised teenagers on building a healthy relationship in a series of short videos "What I would advise myself at my 18", educating them on the impact of gender stereotypes on behavior, while FC Shakhtar player Serhiy Krivtsov gave a video greeting to camp participants and shared the five rules of a healthy lifestyle.

As a result of the Future Skills Camp, 27 adolescents have developed important skills and abilities, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, as well as the values ​​of equality, humanity, health and personal development. As a result, the participants implemented 6 personal projects. Most of them learned about project management for the first time; they comprehended the strengths of teamwork through practice, and said that mastering the teamwork skills was their main personal change after taking part in the camp.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the organizers of the CSR Development Center project, the UN Population Fund and the Kremenchuk Municipal Council, Zorianyy Recreation Camp became the first facility in Ukraine to implement the "Future Skills Camp" methodology. The partners of the event were Kremenchuk Youth Parliament and Zorianyy Children's Camp.

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Background: Top 10 skills of the future were defined by the experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2018. These skills will be key in finding jobs, gaining experience and improving well-being: integrated problem solving, critical thinking, ability to work with large arrays of information, media literacy, flexibility of thinking (the ability to reflect on several things at once), creativity, emotional and social intelligence, managerial skills, ability to form one's own opinions and make effective decisions, interdisciplinary approach.