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The fatherhood experience and reading culture in children highlighted at the Lviv Book Forum

On September 21, at the 26-th Lviv Book Forum, we invite you to the "Dad's Space: An Open Conversation on Responsible Daddies" discussion, as well as a lecture by psychologist Kateryna Holtsberg.

The events will take place at the conference hall of the Lviv Palace of Arts Cultural and Art Center, on Saturday, September 21, (17 Kopernika St.), Lviv, from 9:40 am to 11:50 am.

Organizers: United Nations Population Fund, Swedish Embassy in Ukraine, Swedish Institute.

Project partner: 26-th Lviv Book Forum.

“Being a dad is always a huge responsibility. Often, the father is detached from parenting. For example, 63% of Ukrainian men think that childcare is a woman's duty. In fact, there are many benefits to full involvement of daddy in upbringing. I am also a father and I know for sure that it helps to balance work and home and improve relationships with my wife”, said Jaime Nadal, UNFPA Representative in Ukraine.

"In Sweden, one of the most advanced family support systems has been created. An important part of this system is 3 months of paternity leave, which is provided specifically for daddy. The Swedish Daddies Project focuses on this system of fatherhood support and, at the same time, raises the topic of a more equal society in a broader sense. The paternity support system creates conditions for mothers and dads to be more active in the family and in society”, said Louise Morsing, Deputy Head of Mission, First Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden, who will also share experience of forming a responsible fatherhood in Sweden during the event.

Journalist Vadym Karpyak, poet Yuriy Zavadskyi, writers Artem Chapay and Yurko Prokhasko will speak openly about fatherhood and their own experience.

“They say you have to choose: you prioritize either family or work. I do not agree. In my opinion, this is a much more flexible combination. Priorities depend on specific moments and circumstances in life. I know my schedule well and always plan it so that there is time for the family”, journalist and TV presenter Vadym Karpyak shared the secrets of family time management.

“We do not share responsibilities in our family, everything is sort of depending on the situation. For example, I cook more often because I love it very much. And the wife can take care of the cleaning in the meantime. Lulling baby to sleep and having fun is very often my job. I'm a little gentler than our mom. She even sometimes complains that I spoil the kids, and then she has to call them to order again”, the poet, scientist, publisher Yuriy Zavadskyi confessed.

At the lecture, psychologist Kateryna Holtzberg will discuss different approaches to forming a culture of reading at home and fostering love for books in children. “The book is a way to dream together, a way to build relationships, to experience emotions, to discuss them with your children in a safe environment. The book is a great communication bridge that helps to integrate reflection, discuss the most sensitive topics and understand the next generation”, Ms. Holtzberg says.

This year's Lviv Publishers Forum brings together writers, publishers, journalists, translators and readers. And we want to unite all daddies and openly discuss the topic of responsible fatherhood.

From September 18 to September 22 at the 26 Book Forum there will be an exhibition "Swedish Dads" (#SwedishDads), which presents 25 works by Swedish photographer Johan Bävman.

In the exhibition you will find 4 photo portraits of Ukrainian men with children.

Despite the employment of these men, they spend all their free time with their children and take care of them on a daily basis with their wives. These are the families of the Antytila band frontman Taras Topolya, the chairman of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission Timur Khromayev, the FC Shakhtar player Taras Stepanenko, and the head of EdCamp Ukraine Oleksandr Elkin.

Accreditation of journalists will follow the Book Forum rules.