Discussion on improving the situation of persons affected by gender or family violence in Dnipro

27 September 2019

On September 25, the event was held in the city of Dnipro aimed at strengthening the city's existing system of protection for victims of domestic and gender-based violence.

Specialists of the Interdisciplinary Working Group on Prevention and Countering of Domestic and Gender-Based Violence met together with representatives of the city's active community at the Round Table at the PRAVOKATOR Law Club.

The specialized POLINA police unit operates in Dnipro in the piloting mode, having demonstrated high quality and performance in only 6 days. The meeting resolved the issue of prompt referral of victims to receive the full range of services.

Dnipro Local Legal Aid Center is one of the five specialized centers in the field of family and household relations in Ukraine. Therefore, it is the facility with the highest capacity of identifying, effectively referring and providing legal assistance to clients affected by violence in Ukraine.

All non-governmental organizations involved in solving the problems of women and children victims of violence participated in the event. This is the globally accepted mode adhering to the "principle of engagement" of all vulnerable groups in making meaningful decisions.

The algorhythms for effective, high-quality and prompt response to the incidents of violence and especially crisis cases have already been developed for each particular entity with the further referral of survivors. These materials will form the basis of the Algorithm of Interaction - a local level document that will clearly explain the actions, responsibilities, powers of each specialist.

In addition, improved expertise, communication, networking and the expansion of an interdisciplinary team are the additional benefits that will undoubtedly help to increase local capacity to prevent and combat gender-based violence.

Yet another important improvement complemented these essential decisions. On September 25, at a session of the city council, it was decided to allocate budget funding for the Mobile Team to provide social and psychological assistance to victims of domestic violence. That is, from January 1, 2020, not only the police and health care workers will be on the call, but also social workers with psychologists will be able to arrive on site and provide services quickly and efficiently.

The event was a part of the UNFPA program, the Comprehensive Approach to Violence Against Women and Girls in Ukraine, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada and Estonia.