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Break the Circle: violence is not normal

UNFPA Ukraine launches a new wave of the Break the Circle campaign. The campaign is aimed to foster the society's intolerance towards domestic and gender-based violence. The new video shows the characters passing a scroll from generation to generation, which symbolized fossilized justifications of violence enshrined in the popular sayings and proverbs. This succession through time highlights, how deeply the problem is rooted.

 Break the Circle information campaign calls the entire society to take vigorous action and promote zero tolerance to the violence which has no excuses whatsoever in any circumstances. The one who loves will never hit; hurting is not showing attraction; "none of your business" does not apply here, you are able to help; it is the only and one truth.

 Based on the research from UNFPA Ukraine, every fifth man considers that a man can hit or beat his wife if he finds out she'd cheated on him; every tenth is convinced that the woman should bear with violence to keep the family, more than the half of respondents specifically among perpetrators consider that the problem and its solving must never spill out of the family.

 Break the Circle campaign is held within the UNFPA program «Comprehensive approach to solving the problem of violence among women and girls in Ukraine», implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine with the support from the governments of the Great Britain, Canada and Estonia.