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Another 7 business companies join the Declaration for Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence

On March 26, 2020, an online forum was held for the corporate sector on how large, medium and small businesses will benefit from equality policies and the prevention of domestic violence. Another 7 companies and associations joined the Declaration for Gender Equality and Prevention of Domestic Violence in support of Sustainable Development Goals # 5 “Gender Equality” and # 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”.

Organizers of the forum are the United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine, UNFPA, and the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development with the support of the British Embassy Kyiv.

A recent study has found that 77% of respondents still have occupational stereotypes, only 5% of men take so-called maternity leave for up to 3 months, and 24% of female and male office workers face domestic violence, which in 78% of cases has a negative effect on their professional life.

Problems of gender inequality and domestic violence significantly affect the corporate sector, and half of the respondents believe that companies’ special policies could reduce the negative consequences. In particular, in response to this request and to help companies develop their own policies and implement the 4B model (a Ukrainian acronym for визнати — відповісти — встановити ефективні партнерства — виміряти) визнати — відповісти — встановити ефективні партнерства — виміряти) Recognizing, Responding, Establishing Effective Partnerships, Measuring), a guide was developed “How Large, Medium and Small Businesses Will Benefit from Equality and Domestic Violence Prevention Policies”.

“This project has great prospects, especially now that we are all confronted with such an unexpected challenge of the coronavirus epidemic. Women who can work from home are faced with a triple burden. In addition, this is exacerbated by the attitude (which, unfortunately, is traditional) towards the distribution of domestic responsibilities, when a woman does most of the household chores. This project is about how to address these issues and have a positive effect on business. After all, both this situation and further challenges will require the modernization of approaches to the relationship between work, family and values,” says Pavlo Zamostian, Assistant Representative of UNFPA office in Ukraine. 

Seven more companies and associations are joining the Declaration: EBA (European Business Association), Kernel, Ferrexpo, DP Operator Rynku, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, Danone Ukraine, ACMP Ukraine.

“Electric power industry has long been considered a male profession. DP Operator Rynku dispels these stereotypes and shows by its own example that it is for women. At our company, 60% of the employees are women, and most of them occupy managerial positions. We promote the development of the enterprise, and we have signed the Declaration to do even more in this regard," says Olga Lepchenko, Representative of DP Operator Rynku.

"We are happy to join the signing of the Declaration. This is a very important issue for us. Since 2011, we have been implementing gender equality and harassment prevention policies. We have also implemented a program for women entrepreneurs. This year, despite the crisis, we will continue to do so,” says Yanina Olkhovska, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group's Director of Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Involvement.




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