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June 15-16 2021, Poltava - UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine in partnership with Poltava City Council held a two-day training "Coaching Boys into Men" for 50 sports coaches, representatives of school administrations and departments of education and science. The event is organized within the framework of the Equality to Springboard project implemented by the UNFPA Ukraine in partnership with the Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Office with the financial support of Sweden.
According to UNFPA Ukraine, almost half of Ukrainians experienced violence as a child. 66% of those who have contended with violence, have low self-esteem, and 57% reproduce this type of behavior in the future. Moreover, 41% of respondents experienced violence as a child has difficulties in interpersonal relations with peers. Furthermore, 26% of abusers suffered from the violence being a child.
The program "Coaching Boys into Men" (CBIM) was elaborated for teachers and sport coaches to prevent violence and discrimination in sport and daily life. The program aims to foster respect, mutual support and non-violence among young athletes. In Ukraine, the program was piloted by the UNFPA Ukrainein 2019.
50 participants from different educational institutions from all over Ukraine participated in the workshop this year. The event included both theoretical and practical parts. Within theoretical sessions educators learned how to counteract, detect and respond to the violence against children, including gender-based violence. During the practical sessions, participants learned typical CBIM exercises to be implemented in schools, developed and presented their own programs.
“Ensuring gender equality and combating gender-based violence still remains a relevant problem for Ukraine. To overcome these issues, it is important to work with young people to demonstrate positive examples and relevant behavioral standards. We are convinced that the implementation of the CBIM methodology at the national level will provide teachers and coaches with the necessary tools to foster the communication with their students on how to build relationships based on gender equality, respect, and non-violence principles'', said Jaime Nadal, UNFPA representative in Ukraine.
"The CBIM program is designed to complement educational components with trainings. We train to use non-violent communications principles and create an environment where girls and boys can choose their interests and sports preferences free from stereotypes. Children often understand justice differently, but discussing game and life situations allows them to form equal relationships, show empathy, respect and support, as well as accept and follow rules together", mentioned Oleksand Fomichov, expert, UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund in Ukraine.
Additional information:
Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) is a program developed in the United States by Futures Without Violence organization in 2008. In Ukraine, this program was first piloted and tested by the United Nations Population Fund in 2019. Among the participants of the training were coaches of the FC Shakhtar social initiative "Come on, let’s play!" and physical education teachers in Ivano-Frankivsk city and region.