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“Disturbing, but realistic” – domestic violence in the joint performance by UNFPA Ukraine and the Wild Theatre

UNFPA, the UN Population Fund and the Wild Theater will feature the "Woman, Sit Down" performance in six Ukrainian cities. From December 1 to 5, theatrical production will be showcased in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kherson, Odesa and Lviv. On November 25, on the day of "16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence" global campaign launch, the first pre-premiere performance of the show took place in Kyiv.

The play "Woman, Sit Down" by Nataliya Blok staged by Maksym Holenko is based on real events and tells the story of an ordinary Ukrainian family spiraling down from happiness to hatred. The play highlights the topic of stereotypes, tolerance to violence and social attitudes that force women to accede to violence. The show is a part of the UNFPA "Break the Circle" awareness campaign.

"Break the Circle" awareness campaign aims to ensure that any manifestation of domestic violence in Ukrainian society meets rejection and indignation. Those very emotions are stirred up among the audience during the play, as people witness the life of yet another woman in a million, who was affected with this problem", said Pavlo Zamostyan, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Population Fund.

Entrance to all plays is free after online registration. All spectators are interviewed before and after the performance, which will allow to analyze the impression on the viewer.

"Some go to theaters to escape real life, but the Wild Theater is a place to face the stark reality. This is a very disturbing performance, but it is hardly crueler than life itself, it's a very realistic performance, because it's based on real events, this performance can be a traumatic experience, but we deliberately create a project that changes the viewers", says the founder of the Wild Theater Yaroslava Kravchenko.

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