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UNFPA Ukraine conducts behavior-changing campaigns on raising public awareness and combating stereotypes.


4 Hands Happiness Project


Information campaigns within 4 Hands Happiness project were developed by the United Nations Population Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and have been ongoing since 2015. The main goal of the campaigns is to overcome stereotypes regarding the unequal distribution of housework and childcare. The project also emphasizes the importance of involvement of daddies in childcare and the need to introduce paternity leave.
Currently, the information campaign has 3 waves:
  1. During the 2015-2016, the main message of the campaign was  - "Remember, it is twice as easy together!" The purpose of the campaign was to shape attitudes towards housework as a joint duty of men and women.


2.In 2017, UNFPA Ukraine updated its images and enhanced its campaign by engaging celebrity fathers. So, during 2017-2018 the campaign communicated “I take care of my children as much as my wife does” and the famous fathers - Taras Topolya, Sergey Krivtsov, Andriy Pyatov, Vasyl Virastyuk, Taras Stepanenko, Anton Kanibolotsky - became its ambassadors. The purpose of the campaign was to raise the audience awareness of equal involvement of men and women into childcare.


3. At the beginning of 2019, we launched educational videos for fathers in the framework of 4 Hands Happiness project by adding new messages #SuperDadsCan and even more positive examples of responsible fathering. The male celebrities engaged into campaign represent different professions - singer Taras Topola, television and radio host Andriy Shabanov, blogger Dmitry Stuzhuk, entrepreneur Sergiy Tsybulsky, doctor Yuri Krivonis, journalist and writer Artem Chapai, actor and singer Arthur Logay, football player Bogdan Butko. Our 26 educational videos with involvement of celebrity fathers and experts cover the following topics: psychological basis of fathering, sexuality education, first aid for a child, career choice without stereotypes, paternity leave, partner delivery and family planning.

To learn more please visit the 4 Hands Happiness website - and Facebook page.



Break the circle campaign and No Trivia in relations project

The Break the Circle information campaign is part of the UNFPA Programme ““Integrated Response to end gender-based violence against vulnerable women and adolescent girls in Ukraine”, which aims to support the process of strengthening national mechanisms for preventing and responding to gender-based violence.
The Break the Circle campaign began with the program in 2015 and is being implemented with the support of the UK Government in partnership with the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The name "Break the Circle" contains such meanings:
• Domestic violence is repetitive.
• Stereotypes, tolerance and ignorance of domestic violence are passed down from generation to generation.
• The courage of one victim to get rid of violence inspires others to take this step.
Conditionally, the campaign can be divided into two waves:
1) 2015 - 2017. The target audience is women. Message "Break the Circle of Violence - Seek Help". The key video of this stage.

2. 2017 - so far. The target audience is women and men. The message "Break the Circle - Violence is Not the Norm". The focus has shifted from only victims to other participants in situations of violence - witnesses and abusers. All activities work to accomplish three tasks:
  • ·      disseminate information on available services and services for victims;
  •       increase the level of recognition of violence;
  •     tell how to act in a situation of witnessing or/and being a victim of violence and to call for active action in these cases.


The key video of this stage. In 2019, we launched a promotional campaign aimed at breaking domestic violence myths with a series of video clips.
Thus, since 2015, Break the Circle's activities have evolved into a comprehensive national outreach campaign that reaches audiences today through both online and offline channels, and the initial task of disseminating useful contacts for victims and encouraging them to seek help has transformed into a new strategic goal -  to promote zero tolerance for gender-based violence in Ukraine.
As of 2018, a separate project called “(No) Trivia in Relations” has emerged as part of the campaign, aimed at raising awareness of psychological violence in youth relationships. In most cases, physical violence is preceded by the toxic behavior of a partner, the acceptance of which allows the appearance of other life-threatening forms of violence. According to UNFPA polls in 2019, only 56% of the population knows how to recognize psychological abuse.
(No) Trivia in Relations project started with a series of videos showing the typical phrases and actions of partners who are toxic. The commercials were shown as part of a digital campaign and  in the municipal cinemas of the city of Kyiv and the Cinema City network. Informal meetings with young people took place in Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa, where participants, together with psychologists, learned how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships and learned how to act if a partner is a psychological abuser.
The Break the Circle campaign supports an information resource - and a Facebook page.