Winners of social video contest "Together for good!" received their awards

27 May 2015

Yesterday the winners of social video contest "Together for good!", which was initiated by Kremenhcuk Youth Parliament, were awarded in Kremenchuk executive committee

The event was attended by the Deputy Mayor Vitaliy Maletskiy, head of the Family, Head of the Department of Children and Youth Olga Usanova, director of the Center for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth Svitlana Pyshchyta and UNFPA Program Officer Andriy Poshtaruk.

This year the contest was held with the support and in partnership with UNFPA office in Ukraine.

The competition was aimed at preventing smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, HIV / AIDS among youth, promoting healthy lifestyles, creating youth subculture with the priorities of health, sports, leisure, refusal of bad habits, attracting young people to solve their own problems and directing their in constructive, systematic positive impact on the process of self-determination and socialization of young people. The competition was held in 2 categories - among secondary educational institutions, as well as among vocational schools and higher educational institutions.

Participants were offered a variety of topics to focus on in their videos, among them: "Volunteers - people of good will"; "Combating gambling among young people"; "Dependence on social networks"; "Fighting teenage alcoholism"; "Teen pregnancy and abortion"; "Smoking is not cool!"; "Fighting HIV / AIDS."

Winners of the contest were determined in two stages. First, by voting in a social network, then - by the decision of the jury. The winners were chosen based on the results of two stages of voting as a general summary of points.

During the award ceremony Deputy Mayor Vitaliy Maletskiy told about the history of the competition and thanked all participants for their active social position, a desire to make the world better. He also expressed sincere gratitude to UNFPA for supporting this contest and implementation of many important projects in cooperation with local authorities. He also noted that the videos of all participants must be used during the various public events, including the public event "No - smoking", which soon will alsoheld in Kremenchuk.

UNFPA Program Officer Andriy Poshtaruk noted that international organization he represents has been successfully working with local authorities and NGOs inKremenchuk for several years. Through this cooperation many important projects have been implemented at a very high level.

At the end of the ceremony UNFPA Pogram Officer fulfilled a pleasant mission - presented awards and gifts to the winners.

Videos of the winning teams can be watched on UNFPA in Ukraine officil Facebookpage at

Source: Сfficial website of Kremenchuk city council