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Technical Product Consultant (online courses, websites and e-learning platforms)

Hiring Office:
UNFPA Ukraine
Technical Product Consultant (online courses, websites and e-learning platforms)
Purpose of consultancy:
UNFPA is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. The Fund operates globally since 1969 in more than 150 countries and territories. UNFPA focuses on women and young people, because these are the groups whose rights are often compromised. UNFPA has been active in Ukraine since 1997.
In accordance with the organizational mandate and national development priorities of Ukraine, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, implements a country programme of technical assistance to Ukraine for 2018-2022 in the areas of gender-based violence response and prevention, gender equality, youth empowerment, sexual and reproductive health.
The technical assistance often entails rigorous capacity development of partners, stakeholders and multiple actors groups in the Ukrainian society. Addressing needs and trends in innovative capacity development, UNFPA places an increasing focus on development of modern digital intellectual products – online courses, mobile apps, interactive websites and e-learning portals.
For development of each intellectual product, UNFPA launches a separate procurement process based on comprehensive technical specifications tailored to the needs and strategic objectives of the product.
UNFPA is seeking proposals from qualified IT consultant who will provide expert assessment and technical support in designing technical requests (that will form the foundation for procurement of relevant IT programming services), translating program requests into technical specifications for IT developers at all stages of intellectual products development, ensuring effective dialogue between UNFPA and IT developers.
Scope of work:
(Description of services, activities, or outputs)
The Consultant is engaged by UNFPA as an independent specialist to perform the tasks in accordance with these terms of reference and in line with the conditions stipulated in the respective Individual Consultant Contract with UNFPA. The fulfilment of the above assignment envisages the accomplishment of several specific tasks:
  • Collaborate with UNFPA Project Managers and staff to determine/confirm programme needs, requirements and expectations of the functionality, structure and design of each digital intellectual product (online course, mobile app, websites, e-learning platform) being developed by UNFPA.
  • Provide analytical support and technical advice during the conceptualization, development, and implementation phases of digital intellectual product projects’ phases.

  • Advise on estimate value of development of each digital intellectual product, taking into account its overall specifications.

  • Elaborate detailed technical specifications, assessment criteria of proposals for Terms of Reference for each intellectual product development.
  • Prepare expert analysis of technical proposals from IT developers, identifying strengths and weaknesses of suggested solutions and checking them against the UNFPA requirements (interactive/engaging design, accessibility, technical adaptability, stable performance, user-friendly interface, inclusive design, good value-for-money ratio etc.).
  • Provide suggestions and consultation on deliverables, developed by contractors according to ToR and contracts.
  • Examine developed products and provide technical assessment, feedback related to the work done as well as recommendations for their sustainable operation.
  • Identify areas for modifications/upgrade of existing UNFPA digital products (online courses, websites and platforms) and prepare relevant suggestions for their upgrade.

  • Advise UNFPA on a sustainable long-term management and hosting strategy for all developed digital products, including recommendations on the choice of the most secure hosting platforms.

  • Introduce minor updates to existing platforms, (adding/changing or updating banners, information of the website, other small elements).
  • Provide expertise on ensuring cyber security of the existing platform, (monitoring of the website activities, update security (antivirus) systems on the websites).
  • Consult on hosting issues, as well provide recommendations on choosing the most appropriate secure systems (hosting, domains etc.).

Duration and working schedule:
Starting date: 18 April  2021
Duration: three months with possible extension
Place where services are to be delivered:
Kyiv, Ukraine
Delivery dates and how work will be delivered (e.g. electronic, hard copy etc.):
Brief progress reports to be delivered electronically monthly via email zubchenko@unfpa.org by the end of reporting period accompanied with draft documents developed/reviewed. The reporting periods should be agreed with the consultant additionally.
Monitoring and progress control, including reporting requirements, periodicity format and deadline:
Daily work monitoring to be done by Alona Zubchenko, Program Analyst, Communication and Advocacy, UNFPA.
Supervisory arrangements:
This consultancy will be directly report and work under overall guidance and oversight by UNFPA Program Analyst, Communication and Advocacy Alona Zubchenko, zubchenko@unfpa.org
Expected travel:
Required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements:
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in developing technical specifications for online courses, mobile apps, websites, e-learning platforms.
  • Extensive experience in IT programming of online courses, mobile apps, websites, e-learning platforms.
  • Excellent communication skills and experience of managing client requests, translating them into specific action plans for the team of IT developers.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proven experience in working with international organisations on similar assignments (successful experience in working with UN agencies, international CSOs or international technical assistance projects is an asset)
  • Knowledge of areas related to the UNFPA mandate (gender-based violence, gender equality, youth, sexual and reproductive health, population and development) will be a strong asset.
Bachelor Degree in Technical Science, Computer Science, Computer Software Engineering, Software Programming and Development, Engineering, Mathematics, Electronics, Physics or related areas.
Personal qualities:
  • Creativity, responsibility, flexibility and punctuality.
Fluency in Ukrainian and Russian, strong working knowledge of English (ability to read and work with documents and written business communication).
Inputs / services to be provided by UNFPA or implementing partner (e.g support services, office space, equipment), if applicable:
Additional services could be provided upon UNFPA request and authorization.
UNFPA will provide organizational support to the Consultant in communications with the implementing partners, national and local stakeholders.
UNFPA will provide the consultant with a set of the documents related to the concept of each intellectual product.
Other relevant information or special conditions, if any:
UNFPA will facilitate arrangements of necessary meetings with IT developers, Government counterparts, stakeholders required to perform tasks as per this TOR.
Consultancy fee of the assignment will be hourly paid upon submission of deliverables to UNFPA CO.
Any remarks, proposals, complaints or claims to the consultant regarding services being provided in line with these terms of reference should be submitted to the consultant in writing within 10 days of submission of consultancy deliverables or reports by the consultant.
The scope of works to be performed by the consultant under these terms of reference, as well as other conditions of the consultancy, could be modified, if required, through a written agreement between the consultant and UNFPA.
Closing Date
Interested applicants should send their:
  1. Motivation letter (up to 500 words)
  2. CV
  3. Professional portfolio with examples of developed online courses mobile apps, websites, e-learning platforms
  4. Hourly rate in fulfilment of the tasks set out in this TOR to ukraine.office@unfpa.org with “Application for IT Consultant” in subject of the letter.
The closing date for applications is 31 March 2021.